Architecture Architecture is about creating a comprehensive environment that utilizes space to its full potential. At iDesign, true architectural expertise is available and we're proud of the quality we deliver. iDesign is committed to a professional realization of your ideas, developing detailed plans and ensuring they are executed flawlessly creating a space that makes sense and is functional.
Project Managment
Management There is an art to moving from original conceptual plans to construction completion that requires leadership. iDesign has established long-term partnerships with the area's leading design consultants and contractors that provide strong leadership. Another key characteristic is the belief in an open line of communication between all the team members. As the link between the owner and the design and construction teams, we will ensure you have timely updates and that new directives are effectively communicated throughout the entire process.
Site Planning
Management It doesn't take long to notice the most successful projects have both attractive building improvements and surrounding outdoor space. At iDesign, we work with local site engineers and landscape architects to make sure the landscape architecture is not an afterthought, but rather an integral part of the overall design of the entire site.
Interior Design
Management iDesign analyzes the intended use of a space and finds the best possible solution that improves productivity, spatial interaction, and the representation of your business's vision and culture. We address everything from lighting concerns to the natural flow of each space. Regardless of whether you're starting from scratch or simply making changes to improve a single room, iDesign will bring quality driven ability to the table and create a space complete with the function and character to meet your expectations